Mental Health Counseling, therapy, venice, depression, marriage counseling, anger management

I have always been intrigued by the what drives human behavior and how it either helps or hinders the individual. I, then witnessed my grandmother’s subsequent mental decline from Alzheimer disease and felt so powerless to assist her. This event created the desire in me to learn more about the brain’s function and the interplay between thoughts and emotions, leading me to pursue a personal educational imperative to complete my doctoral studies and subsequently apply all I have learned to assist as many people as possible.” “I enjoy working with individuals, couples and families and strive to assist them with their needs.

I am a professional mental health counselor with expertise in crisis intervention, cognitive behavioral therapy and other psychotherapeutic modalities. I have worked with adults, couples, families and children throughout my career. I tend to specialize more within individuals, couples, adolescents and children, yet I enjoy working with all populations.

I am a multi-faceted and dedicated mental health professional with 19 years of experience and I encourage others to reach out to me in order to assist them with their mental health and emotional wellness goals.


Graduate School:Argosy University (Sarasota, Florida)
Year Graduated: 2014


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma and PTSD