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Hello, my name is John Mann and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1980. I have experience working with mental health, adjustment disorders, relationship dynamics, self esteem, anxiety, depression, life change, trauma, relationship issues, family dynamics, and substance abuse issues with young adults, adults and older adults. I do not believe that people are “broken”, needing to be fixed by a professional. I believe that there are many approaches towards achieving a goal and that working together is the key to establishing an effective and sustainable treatment approach.

My philosophy in helping has always focused on the person and the fostering of a relationship. My specialty is cognitive behavioral therapy, solutions focused therapy, and skills training. I believe that each individual, family, friends, or couple require a custom, unique approach to move forward towards the identified goals.

Therapy is a tool that allows individuals to challenge their thought processes, belief systems, learn new information, create a plan of attack, develop new skills, and replace unhealthy habits. There is no judgement; only minds coming together for the healthiest, happiest you. Come as you are.


  • Mood Disorders
  • Self Esteem
  • Addiction