Our Methods

We provide best practice standards in therapeutic intervention across multiple modalities coupled with holistic methods.


Various mental health treatment modalities and delivery options are offered that include:

  • Individual / Group Therapy
  • Couples / Marriage Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Addiction Therapy
  • Developmental Disability Intervention
  • Holistic Mental Health Support


For those who cannot travel or are unable to meet in person for various reasons, we offer HIPAA compliant teletherapy so that treatment sessions remain uninterrupted. Meet online with your therapist in a safe and simple manner through a video solution.

Virtual Reality
Immersion *

An effective tool designed for therapists to administer virtual reality exposure therapy, or VRET, in a safe and controlled manner. A proven technology to assist in the reduction of anxiety and post traumatic stress disorders.

*coming soon


Some of the tools we utilize to guide care and assess learning and psychological areas that may benefit from support are:

  • Personality Assessment
  • Psychoeducational evaluation
  • Neuropsychological testing

Wellness Programs

We offer a full array of wellness therapies, programs, and subscription services that provide mindful meditation and yoga, massage and supportive stretching, and clinical therapeutic interventions for optimal balance and emotional health.